PlayStation Vita Firmware 3.69 Keeps the Good Times Rolling

When PlayStation Vita firmware 3.68 was released, we asked ourselves if it was the last update. The answer is a resounding no. PlayStation Vita firmware update 3.69 has been released. While it’s had not appeared on Sony’s site as of 9:30 am CT on September 11, 2018, plenty of users around the world have confirmed the update has arrived

This is your run of the mill performance/stability update for the PlayStation Vita. It’s the type of update that will completely go unnoticed, but is a necessary tweak to keep everything running smoothly. Keep in mind that you’ll have to restart your Vita after installing it.

While this update doesn’t mean much, it’s a nice reminder that the Vita, while commercially irrelevant, is still soldiering on. These may be the final days of the Vita, but it takes a while for a console to fully die out.

Cartridge production ends March 2019 in the west, but will continue for a bit longer in Japan. But in short, players can expect Vita support until 2020, and things will be coming to a close after that.

Still, companies like Limited Run continue to distribute physical copies of games for this beloved handheld. Will the Vita ever really die as long, as it lives in our hearts? Either way, download the update.

[Source: Resetera]