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PS Vita Physical Games are Still Being Produced in Japan After March 2019

Previously, we have seen a report that Sony will cease producing physical PlayStation Vita game cartridges in America and Europe by the end of the current fiscal year, which ends in March 2019. While the market for PS Vita is admittedly not too big in the West, it is still actually thriving in Japan, where a lot of games are still released for Sony’s latest handheld console to date.

The aforementioned report has the Japanese media wondering if it will also affect PS Vita games in Japan. And Game*Spark, one of the gaming news websites in Japan, has directly contacted Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) to ask about the matter.

We have translated the Q&A session between Game*Spark and SIE, which you can read right below:

Q1: Is the report about ending production of PS Vita cartridges for overseas true?

A1: Production of PlayStation Vita cartridges for American and European regions will end by March 2019. Digital game distributions will still continue.

Q2: What will happen to the support in Japan?

A2: Production of PlayStation Vita cartridges for Japan will still continue.

Q3: Will production of PS Vita consoles still continue?

A3: In Japan, all of the users will still be able to enjoy a broad range of title lineup. Currently, we are planning to continue marketing activities.

So if you are into Japanese games, you can rest assured that Japan’s PS Vita physical games are still secure, at least for the foreseeable future.

[Source: Game*Spark]