PS5 Firmware Update Improves System Performance, No Other Clear Changes or Fixes

Since the launch of the PS5, a number of issues have cropped up for various users, including crashes thought to be related to certain games and the console’s Rest Mode. Last week Sony released a small PS5 firmware update that reportedly fixed some of the issues, and it has released another one this week that reportedly improves system performance.

Reported by VGC, the new PS5 system software update is 820MB but there aren’t any additional details about what exactly the update does. Users have reported continued problems even after the update, so it doesn’t resolve everything, but it may at least make some incremental changes to the console firmware that will improve stability and performance.

One issue that caused a buzzing sound was recently found to be caused by a loose sticker inside the PS5 that was hanging in the path of the fan. Originally players had thought it might be coil whine or an issue with the disc drive (which is also having reported issues spinning up at random), but one user discovered a small sticky label that was misplaced, buzzing as the fan would rub against it. Obviously PS5 firmware updates would not fix this issues as it is a physical obstruction, but it seems to be more annoying than anything that would cause issues with the console.

Sony hasn’t yet issued any PS5 system software updates that make any drastic or noticeable changes to the console’s dashboard or features. So far the focus has been on improving the stability and performance of the PS5 as more users get their hands on it. The console’s popularity has created the biggest launch in PlayStation history, but supply can’t keep up with demand, creating a market for scalpers to resell the console at exorbitant prices well above retail value.

Have you downloaded the latest PS5 update yet? Does it fix any issues you’ve been having with your console? Let us know your experience in the comments below.