That PS5 ‘Buzzing’ Sound Might Not Be the Coil Whine After All

Last week, we reported that PlayStation 5 users were complaining about a mysterious “buzzing” sound when playing games. Some users theorized the sound was coming from the disc drive but digital console owners also complained of the noise so the general consensus was that it was the console’s coil whine.

While the noise was tolerable for some, others posted videos demonstrating how annoyingly loud it was for them, but considering the PS5’s supply shortages, folks have been reluctant to send their units in for repair or replacements. In the midst of all of this, one Twitter user seems to have figured out what was causing his console to make the noise.

User Frank_Supercell (via PushSquare), a Blizzard Entertainment alumni, decided to take his console apart and noticed that a sticky label around the fan came loose and got in the way. Once he got rid of that, it fixed his problem.

There are mixed opinions on whether this voids the PS5’s warranty or not (policies may vary by region) so we absolutely do not recommend trying this if you’re concerned about warranty or possibly damaging your console. It’s also worth noting that this might not be the issue in everyone’s case.

We’ll update our readers when/if Sony issues an official response.