PlayStation 5 Users Reporting Mysterious Buzzing Sound Coming From the Console

A number of PlayStation 5 users have taken to sites like Reddit and ResetEra with complaints of a mysterious “buzzing” sound coming from their consoles.

A number of videos demonstrating the issue have since popped up on YouTube. There are different opinions on what’s causing the noise, with some claiming it’s the coil whine and others assuming it’s the disc drive. However, the latter can’t be true because PS5 Digital Edition owners are also reporting the buzz.

“My PS5 is making a buzzing noise but it’s fully operational so far,” wrote Redditor AmbassadorJust1200. “Mine is doing the exact same thing, a buzzing sound, Digital Edition. More noticeable when playing a game (Astro’s Playroom),” responded user Gino4lyfe_94.

In a separate thread, a Redditor said that the sound is similar to PS4 Pro’s coil whine noise, and they mainly hear it when playing games. “Mine is audible from ~8+ft away,” wrote digestr.

ResetEra user Psychotron provided a more detailed explanation of their experience as follows:

So I start up God of War, and I hear an uptick in the pitch and sound level. Still not bad but a slight difference. So I decide to give it an actual PS5 game to test, which was Astro’s Playroom. As soon as I got to the part where you swipe the touchpad to shoot Astro out, the system buzzing got loud. I could hear a constant “bzzzzzzzzzzz” coming from the PS5. It sounded just like Pro coil whine, only louder. I went to the Home Screen and the noise immediately stopped. Back to the game and it was buzzing again.

Worth noting that not all PS5 users are experiencing this, but there are enough reports and plenty of evidence to confirm that this isn’t an isolated case.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information. Hopefully, Sony will address this soon.

[Source: ResetEra]