Trophy Guide – Dead Space

Prepare to board the USG Ishimura

Dead Space is EA’s new entry into the Survival-Horror genre.  The gaming media have come to really take a liking to this wonderful title and for good reason. To help promote the game, a series of six comics and animated comics were created as a prequel which lead up to the happening in Dead Space.  Also being released later this year is a full length animated feature entitled Dead Space: Downfall which is also a prequel.

If the game itself wasn’t good enough, EA also decided to include Trophies… which you probably already know.  The game comes wth 39 Trophies; the Platinum, 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 31 Bronze.

Concordance Officer (Platinum): Collect all Trophies

– Earn the other 38 Trophies to unlock this well deserved Trophy.

Lab Rat (Bronze): Complete Chapter 2 on any difficulty setting

– Complete Chapter 2: Intensive Care.

All Systems Go (Bronze): Complete Chapter 3 on any difficulty setting

– Complete Chapter 3: Course Correction.

Cannon Fodder (Bronze): Complete Chapter 4 on any difficulty setting

– Complete Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent.

True Believer (Bronze): Complete Chapter 5 on any difficulty setting

– Complete Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion.

Greenhouse Effect (Bronze): Complete Chapter 6 on any difficulty setting

– Complete Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard.

S.O.S. (Bronze): Complete Chapter 7 on any difficulty setting

– Complete Chapter 7: Into the Void.

Strange Transmissions (Bronze): Complete Chapter 8 on any difficulty setting

– Complete Chapter 8: Search and Rescue.

Wreckage (Bronze): Complete Chapter 9 on any difficulty setting

– Complete Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival.

Keeper of the Faith (Bronze): Complete Chapter 10 on any difficulty setting

– Complete Chapter 10: End of Days.

Betrayed (Bronze): Complete Chapter 11 on any difficulty setting

– Complete Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions.

Exodus (Bronze): Complete Chapter 12 on any difficulty setting

– Complete Chapter 12: Dead Space.

Epic Tier 3 Engineer (Gold): Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting

– Completing the game on any difficulty will unlock the ‘Impossible’ difficulty.  Complete the game on Impossible and you’ll be rewarded with this.  As always, conserve ammo and focus on the limbs.

Survivor (Silver): Complete the game on any difficulty setting

– Complete Chapter 12 then watch the final cinematic.

[Hidden] Brute Force (Bronze): Kill a Brute

– The Brute is large Necromorph that runs around on all fours.  You’ll first encounter one in Chapter 4.  Their weak spot is in their backs, stasis helps tremendously.

[Hidden] Exterminator (Bronze): Kill the Leviathan

– You’ll fight a large creature that slaps at you and shoots explosive Pods at you.  Shoot the weak spots on the tentacles until all are gone then it begin to scream.  When it screams you take this opportunity to shoot the weak spot in its mouth.  Between screams it’ll shoot Pods at you, which you can catch for the Playing Catch Trophy.

[Hidden] Get off my ship! (Bronze): Kill the Slug Boss

– Near the end of Chapter 8 you’ll encounter another cannon segment.  Shoot the weak spots on the tentacles and the [sometime explosive] objects that are thrown at you.

[Hidden] Mindless Prey (Bronze): Kill the Hive Mind

–  Yay, the final boss in Chapter 12.  Sadly it is a very simple and straightforward fight.  It’ll try to slam you with its tentacles which can easily be avoided by strafing to the left or right.  See the weak spots on its face?  Yup, you guessed it… aim for them!  When you get down to two remaining it’ll grab you and you’ll have to destroy the remaining two while handing.  There is a bit of a time limit here, so take your shots when you can.  After your back safely on the ground return to the strafing technique but this time focus your anger on the weak spot when it exposes its chest.

Pack Rat (Bronze): Store 25 Items in Safe

– Simply store 25 items in your Safe.  You can store them and then pull them out, you just need to have at least 25 items in there at any point.

Story Teller (Bronze): Collect 75 Logs

– You’ll gain Logs as you progress through the story, but you can also pick up video, audio and data Logs lying around in various areas.  Explore some and you won’t have any problem grabbing this.

Legend Teller (Silver): Collect 150 Logs

– There are a total of 180 Logs, and you only need 150 of them.  Explore as much as you possibly can and you’ll grab this around Chapter 10 or 11.

Full Arsenal (Silver): Own every Weapon in the game

– Find the schematics for and purchase all six additional weapons.

Z-Baller (Bronze): Complete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball

– Near the beginning of Chapter 10 (if you explore some) there is a fairly large bathroom.  Beyond that room is a room with multiple lockers and beyond that is a large room with ‘Hoops’ at one and and multiple panels at the other.  Pick up the Data Log and take care of the enemies that are in here then return to the panel near the entrance to start a game.  Jump onto the lit up panels (usually three of them) to increase your multiplier then use your Kinesis on the ‘ball’ and shoot it at one of the hoops.  During the early levels you don’t actually need to jump on all the lit up panels and can just repeatedly shoot the ball, however on later levels you will need to jump to the lit up panels before you shoot.  Complete Level 6 and you’re finished.

Merchant (Bronze): Collect 8 schematics

– Collect 8 of the 21 Schematics to earn this.

Armstrong (Bronze): Shoot 50 objects using Kinesis

– This is fairly simple.  You can get it as soon as possible by just repeatedly using Kinesis on an object and shooting it, however if you use this handy technique often you’ll pick it up in no time just playing through the game.

[Hidden] Playing Catch (Bronze): Catch a Brute or Leviathan Pod using Kinesis

– You can do this with either a Brute or the Leviathan.  To get a Brute to shoot at you you will need to take out one (or both) of its legs.  The Leviathan will shoot these at you after you have destroyed its tentacles and are much easier to catch then the Brutes.  These Pods are explosive, so try not to throw them too close.

[Hidden] Kickin it (Bronze): Escape from a Lurker’s grab attack 10 times

– The Lurker enemies are the little baby-like creatures who sprout three tentacles that shoot at you.  To get them to grab you lure them onto the ground and run up to them.

Marksman (Bronze): Dismember 20 Limbs

– Aim for limbs.  You’ll kill enemies quicker and save ammo.  You’ll usually get this during Chapter 1.

Surgeon (Bronze): Dismember 500 Limbs

– Continue playing the game as normal and aiming for limbs.  You should get this around Chapter 5 or 6.

Butcher (Silver): Dismember 1000 Limbs

-As usual, aim for the limbs.  You’ll likely get this on Chapter 10 or later.  The number of dismembered limbs carry over onto your future playthroughs if you continue from the Game Clear save.

Freeze (Bronze): Use Stasis on 50 Enemies

– Use Stasis on 50 enemies.   Stasis makes dismembering and killing enemies easier, use it often.  The number of Stasis uses on enemies carry over onto your future playthroughs if you continue from the Game Clear save.

Crackshot (Bronze): Achieve a perfect score in the Shooting Gallery

– During Chapter 9 you’ll come across a Shooting Range.  Complete all 6 levels with a perfect score.  Your targets are the red pop-ups, blues are not to be shot.  I recommend using the Horizontal shot with the Plasma Cutter, as all you have to do is hit the target at any location.

[Hidden] Don’t get cocky, kid (Bronze): Survive the ADS Canon with over 50% Shield strength remaining

– During Chapter 4 you’ll come to a chair which puts you into the seat of the ADS Canon.  Use this opportunity to save your game before hopping into the chair.  You need to keep the shield strength above 50%, which is not as easy as it sounds as you start off at 85%.  Some rocks to the extreme left/right will not harm you.  Your main focus should be the larger asteroids and their pieces as they deal more damage when they hit you.  You likely won’t get this on your first shot, it takes around 10 tries for most people.

Air Alert (Bronze): Zero-G Jump over 100 times

– Jump 100 times in Zero Gravity.

One Gun (Gold): Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter

– You’ll need to only fire the Plasma Cutter weapon.  You can pull out other weapons, but you cannot fire them.  A fully upgraded Plasma Cutter makes most enemies a cinch.

Brawler (Bronze): Kill at least 30 enemies with a melee attack

– You actually may not get this on your first playthrough if you aren’t actively trying for it as it’s safer (and easier) to kill most enemies from afar.  But there is an easy way, Stasis.  Use Stasis on an enemy and melee away at them until their death.  Optionally you can take a shot (or two) at the enemy to soften them up and just finish them with a melee attack.

Maxed Out (Gold): Upgrade all weapons and equipment

– Max out all the Upgrade Nodes on all weapons and equipment.  All of the empty nodes do not need to be filled just the ones that increase stats.

Ragdoll Check (Bronze): Force an enemy into a Gravity Panel 5 times

– During Chapter 4 and Chapter 9, you’ll encounter areas with Gravity Panels that instantly kill you if you step onto them, fortunately they also kill the enemy if they step on them.  The enemy AI isn’t the brightest and will occasionally walk into them, but don’t count on it.  The simplest way to do this is to use Stasis on an enemy near a Gravity Panel and push them into it.  The number of enemies forced into a Gravity Panel carry over onto your future playthroughs if you continue from the Game Clear save.

Big Spender (Bronze): Spend 200,000 credits at the store

– Spend 200,000 credits at the store.  I wouldn’t try for this one as you’ll likely be buying a lot of Power Nodes to upgrade weapons, and 200,000 will come pretty quickly doing so.

[Hidden] Slugge (Bronze): Kill the Slug Boss with more than 50% Shield strength remaining

– Near the end of Chapter 8 you’ll encounter another cannon segment.  This is the same location where you get the [Hidden] Get off my ship! (Bronze) Trophy.  You need to destroy the tentacles by shooting the yellow weak spots, however you also need to keep your shields above 50%.  Focus mainly on protecting yourself  by shooting the object that the tentacles throw at you, but whenever you get a chance take shots and try to destroy a tentacle.  As you destroy tentacles it actually becomes easier to protect yourself and destroy other tentacles.

Writers Note: The following Weapon Trophies CAN actually be completed on a One Gun (Gold) Trophy run.  At any point during your game, save, start using the gun you want and continue to play.  However as you play you should NEVER save the game, even after getting the Trophy.  Once you get the Trophy, Quit and load your old save.  You’ll still have your Trophy and still be on a One Gun (Gold) run, but you will not have progressed any in the story.

Full Contact (Bronze): Kill 30 enemies with the Contact Beam

– Kill 30 enemies with the Contact Beam.

A Cut Above (Bronze): Kill 30 enemies with the Ripper

– Kill 30 enemies with the Ripper.

Tool Time (Bronze): Kill 30 enemies with the Plasma Cutter

– Kill 30 enemies with the Plasma Cutter.

Pusher (Bronze): Kill 30 enemies with the Force Gun

– Kill 30 enemies with the Force Gun.

Live With The Hot Ones (Bronze): Kill 30 enemies with the Flamethrower

– Kill 30 enemies with the Flamethrower.

Autofire (Bronze): Kill 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle

– Kill 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle.

Eviscerator (Bronze): Kill 30 enemies with the Line Gun

– Kill 30 enemies with the Line Gun.

There’s Always Peng (Bronze): Find the Peng Treasure

– This is located where chapter 1 begins, however you can’t get it until you make a return visit with Kinisis in Chapter 11.  It is located over the railing between the catwalks.  When you return here in Chapter 11 it’ll be on your right as you enter the Hanger.  The object you’re looking for is what appears to be a statue of a woman.

Dead on Arrival (Bronze): Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting

– Complete Chapter 1: New Arrivals.

– Note: Don’t ask me why this was put all the way down here, it just was.  I put my lists in the order that they are listed in the Trophy feeds, and for some reason beyond me this one is down here instead of near the beginning with the rest of the level completions.