This Week’s Blu-Cast

Written by Chris Rah Osiris chrisrahosiris-48
Coming your way on Veteran's Day
Coming your way on Veteran's Day

Another week and this is another nice one. Hellboy 2 makes it Blu-Ray debut and it is accompanied by Star Wars’ debut as well. Sadly, this is not the original trilogy, it is only the CGI movie. This is no knock on the movie, I didn’t see it, but I love the Cartoon Network series. So if one is an accurate depiction of the other, I’ll pick this movie up eventually. OK, back to Hellboy. Hellboy’s first film had mixed reviews and several disappointed fans. This movie seemed to do a much better job of putting Hellboy on the screen. I want to see this in 1080p.

Other releases for the week include the release of the Harry Potter Giftset. Yes, WB is releasing it again. I have not heard if there have been any improvements. Yea, I just checked, still no HD audio, which should be a crime. Band of Brothers will get the blu treatment and Canada is going to get some DBZ goodness.

Anything coming out this week that piques your interest?

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Release date
Band of Brothers Nov 11, 2008
Canada Band of Brothers Nov 11, 2008
Firefly Nov 11, 2008
JFK Nov 11, 2008
The Story of O Nov 11, 2008
Freedom Nov 11, 2008
This Christmas Nov 11, 2008