This Week’s Blu-Cast

Written by Azariah chrisrahosiris-48


March is upon us. Hopefully that means Spring is not too far behind. Blu-Ray releases for the week seem to be in the middle of an ice storm. There are some highlights. Make that two highlights. Silence of the Lambs will be available this upcoming Tuesday. The movie that gave the world Hannibal is definitely worth a purchase. Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic is also coming our way this Tuesday. You can pick it up and get a gander of what the movie may be like. Those of you that have not read the graphic novel may want to give this a try. If you don’t want to ruin the movie, you may want to hold off. Wonder Woman is getting an animated feature and Stargate fans can rejoice for another Stargate release.

The release dates are courtesy of The hyperlinks will take you to’s page for each specific title. Many of them have been reviewed already.

Release date
Australia Mar 03, 2009
Wonder Woman Mar 03, 2009
NFL Super Bowl XLIII Mar 03, 2009
Brokeback Mountain Mar 03, 2009
In the Electric Mist Mar 03, 2009
HD Moods Fire Mar 03, 2009
I’ve Loved You So Long Mar 03, 2009