Upcoming Midnight Club DLC Will Be Free

Written By Wolfehound22 22610wolf1

You read the title right, Take-Two Interactive announced Friday, that Rockstar will soon be releasing a huge expansion pack for Midnight Club: Los Angeles, titled the ‘South Central Upgrade Map’.  They are pulling a Criterion Games on us because the DLC will be free of charge.

The upcoming map is approximately a third of the size of the original map. Those that are residents or have visited LA will notice some familiar landmarks: “Exposition Park, the USC campus, Watts Towers, Shrine Auditorium, Crenshaw Plaza, the L.A. Memorial Coliseum, and stretches south to the 105 Freeway.”

Now for those of you that like to pay for you DLC you will not be left out in addition to the ‘South Central Upgrade Map ‘there will also be some paid content with the ‘South Central Content Pack’ featuring “new character competitions, races, cars and music available in a single complete package. The new vehicles include a variety of cars and a motorcycle. Also making an appearance for the first time in Midnight Club: Los Angeles will be SUVs, a longtime favorite of the series fans.”

There is no news on pricing for the pack or specific dates for either of the DLC packs other than sometime early next year.

Midnight Club is a critically acclaimed game that has received relatively good reviews from many sites. It is nice to see companies occasionally put out free DLC in addition to the paid DLC. Hopefully more companies will follow in Rockstar and Criterion Games footsteps.

Check out the full press release here