Hadouken! Hurry and Reserve A Spot for the SFIV Launch Event!

Written by Paulmichael temprix

I remember these ads!
I remember these ads!

Attention any and all Street Fighter (or just fighting games in general) fans! Stop reading this post and register for the launch event taking place in Los Angeles! Yes, I just said stop reading this great site, because there is no doubt in my mind that these 302 spots are going to go fast. You see, this Thursday evening will be host to a launch party for the game at the Geffen Museum of Contemporary Art. Now while I’m not partial to any fighting series, I do love meetups of any kind so you better believe I’ve already sent my e-mail in! Send an e-mail to streetfighterlaunchparty [ a T ] gmail.com with only your first and last names in the subject, and then slam on that send button! Go now!

Can’t make it? Then please feel free to leave a question you’d like me to ask important people there, and if possible I will ask away. No guarantees though as it isn’t specified if that’s the kind of event that this will be.

Source: PS.Blog, of course!