‘Significant Franchises … Will Re-invigorate’ PSP in 2009

Written by Richard richardallenavatar1
Is PSP poised for a 2009 comeback?

Sony UK product manager Claire Backhouse chatted with MCV about the road map ahead for PSP. Sony has recognized they need to do more on the platform to make it more attractive. Resistance Retribution is definitely a step in the right direction and it sounds as if other high profile IPs are headed to the PSP.

“Granted, perhaps there hasn’t been the volume of high profile PSP titles we would have liked to have seen on the platform. But, that said, we continue to focus heavily on software development.

“The fruits of this you’ll see later this year, with the release of a number of currently unannounced, yet significant franchises that will re-invigorate the current user base, as well as attracting a whole new audience.”

[ Source via vg247 ]