Super Stardust HD Trophy Rating

Written by Adam 22610wolf1

Super Stardust HD was the very first game released with trophies way back in July 2008, and gamers all over the world rejoiced. It was released with 17 trophies: 9 bronze, 6 silver and 2 gold. Now 8 months later is this title worth your time with all the other great trophy-enabled games out there? Read on to see:

Difficulty: D

Even though it was the first trophy game it is still one of the harder ones out there to get 100%. This game in general is not the easiest and some of the things you need to do to get trophies sometimes seems impossible. Late Boomer & Shock and Awe are by far the hardest trophies and to some extent the hardest trophies out there in any game. Now all that being said about difficulty, the vast majority of them can be done pretty easily. You probably should be able to get 50 – 60% of the trophies pretty quickly and easily. But those 2 trophies alone still make this game difficult to finish.

Time Consumption: C

This game in general is not very long. You should be able to finish the 5 levels in roughly a hour or two. 50% of these trophies if done right can be achieved in that same amount of time. Now where the length of the game comes in to play is with Late Boomer & Shock and Awe trophies. These two will take the majority of gamers hours upon hours to complete. Yes you can get each one of these quickly if you’re really good at the game, but for the average gamer you may never get these.

Relative to Game Play: D

Other then the beat each level trophy every other trophy will have you change your playing style. These trophies are some of the more creative and unique ones out there. Scrooge MacBoom, Well Prepared & Late Boomer will have you hold onto your bombs and not use them until you get to a certain amount. Close Encounters makes you go 45 seconds with out shooting or using bombs in survival mode. Scenic Route makes you go through a whole planet without using boost. Now most of these are not difficult, but every single one will make you play differently than you usually would.

Fun Factor: C

SSHD is a very fun game and in general you will have plenty of fun going for these trophies. Now where the fun goes away are trying to achieve a few of these trophies. Again Late Boomer and Shock and Awe would be at the top in frustration and just no fun after your 50th time trying. Multiplier Hero also can be quite annoying and upsetting when your at 9x on planet 4 and a random rock hits you and you need to start over again. With this game you will enjoy the first 50% of the trophies and probably want to cry the last 50%.

Multiplayer: B

There is only one multiplayer trophy in this game. It is not very hard or time consuming and you will get a gold trophy for it. To get the Brothers in Arms trophy you will need to make it to the planet Segomo and get 3 minutes of CO-OP weapon’s boost. This can be done on your own, but having help makes things a lot easier.

SSHD is a pretty tough & lengthy game to achieve 100% of the trophies. It may not be the longest or hardest trophy game anymore, but with those few tough ones and the ways it makes you change your playing style it still can hold its own with the best.

For these reasons PlayStation LifeStyle rates Super Stardust HD: Dedicated