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Deals of the Week 02/22/09 – 02/28/09

February 22, 2009Written by Adam Wolfe

Written by Adam 22610wolf1

It’s a new week and you know what that means Deals Deals Deals!!!!! This week, in addition to some great PS3 game deals, there is a PS3 bundle too good to pass up.

First up, for those stuck in last gen, now there is no excuse not to jump in to the current gen with this great deal:

Best Buy

Buy a PS3 get a $50 Best Buy  gift card & either GH3 or GH: Aerosmith

80 GB PS3: $399

160GB PS3 w/Uncharted: $499

Now what the rest of you are looking for: games. First up, PS3:

Best Buy

Call of Duty 4: Game of the year Edition: $49.99

Saint’s Row 2  $49.99

Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit $169.99


Madden NFL 09 $46.99

Far Cry 2 $36.99

Battlefield Bad Company $27.99

Tomb Raider: Underworld $46.99

Mirror’s Edge $46.99

Tom Clancy’s Endwar $55.75

Shaun White Snowboarding $56.99

Disgaea 3 Absence of Justice $46.99

Metal Gear Solid 4 $39.99

Bioshock $36.99 (thanks iFlash)

Toy’s R US

Bioshock $39.99

Fracture $19.99

Facebreakers $19.99

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 $49.99

TNA Impact $19.99

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit $29.99

Game Stop

Call of Duty World at War $49.99


Ferrari Challenge $19.99

Grand Theft Auto IV $39.99

Prince of Persia $39.99 (thanks Proteus)

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe $39.99 (thanks Proteus)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed $49.99 (thanks Proteus)

No PSP deals to report on this week, but there are some PS2 deals too good to pass up:


Persona 3 FES with Soundtrack CD and Artbook $29.99

Katamari Damacy $10.97

Shadow of the Colossus $14.82

Also, remember Circut City is still having their going out of business sale, so check there first. Be sure to check back next week for all new deals.