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GTA Hasn’t Abandoned the PSP

February 28, 2009Written by Azariah Ellington II

Written by Azariah chrisrahosiris-48
Hope to see another on the PSP soon

Hope to see another on the PSP soon

GTA: Chinatown Wars looks to be a great title. Rockstar is well known for putting out high quality titles. Many PSP owners were upset to see that the PSP did not receive another title while the DS was receiving its first. PlayStation has already lost out on its exclusivity for the GTA franchise. This was further cemented by the appearance of exclusive DLC for GTA IV on the 360. John Koller is helping to calm those that are in dispair. Here is an excerpt from his interview with MTV Multiplayer:

“No one should sleep on that franchise,” John Koller, Sony’s head of PSP hardware marketing in North America, told me in a phone interview yesterday. “That’s a tremendous franchise for PlayStation in general. We’ve had two that are the top two sellers on PSP right now. So, there’s definitely continued conversations with [‘GTA’ development studio] Rockstar on all their brands. That’s nothing that’s left the PlayStation family.”

Sony is aware of the importance of having top franchises available to its console owners. Let’s hope that these continued discussions lead to another GTA offering for the PSP.