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red dead redemption Christmas gift

Top 10 Gifts for Red Dead Redemption Fans

Even cowboys celebrate Christmas!

red dead redemption 2 voice acting

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Voice Recording Was a Five-Year Process

Voice acting for video games sounds like stepping into an alternate dimension.

red dead redemption 2 patch notes

Here’s What’s Up in the Red Dead Redemption 2 1.04 Patch Notes

Rockstar Games continues to squash those bugs.

GTA Online: Arena War Is Now Available and Looks Gnarly

In this battle royale, you don’t jump from a bus, because you ARE the bus.

red dead online mode

Rockstar May Debut a New Mode for Red Dead Online Called Gun Rush

Fans speculate it could be similar to GTA Online’s Kill Quota.

red dead online update

The First Red Dead Online Update Makes It Easier to Earn Money

Handing out gold like it’s no one’s business.

red dead online economy

Rockstar Promises It Will Fix Red Dead Online’s In-Game Economy

Fixes for “persistent bugs” are also on the way.

red dead online economy

Red Dead Online’s Economy Requires Excessive Grinding, Leading to Calls for Change

Baked beans are more valuable than gold rings in Rockstar’s world.

red dead redemption 2 patch notes

Red Dead Redemption 2 Patch 1.01 Brings Molly Back to Camp

Good gravy, that’s a lot of bug fixes.

RDR2 Clothing

Dress Like Arthur Morgan With These Limited Edition Red Dead Redemption 2 Clothes

Does this count as cosplay?

Red Dead Redemption 2 theater shows

Every Show in Red Dead Redemption 2 Ranked

Mr. Bear’s First Winter fans beware.

red dead online beta progress

Progress in Red Dead Online Beta May Not Transfer to Official Release

Progress at your own risk.

Red Dead Online Release

Red Dead Online Goes Live Alongside a Vague 5.6GB Update

Pull the trigger on this update.

battlefield 5 sales

UK Sales Chart: Battlefield V Off to a Slow Start as FIFA 19 Runs to the Top

We get it, Europeans like football.

RDR2 Burger King

Burger King Is Sending Swedish Players on a Fetch Quest in RDR2

But the reward is real.

red dead online launch date

Here’s When You Can Start Playing the Red Dead Online Beta This Week

Get ready for a rootin’-tootin’ good time.

Red Dead Online Release

It Looks Like Some People Are Already Playing Red Dead Online

Some Xbox achievements have already been unlocked.

rockstar agent trademark

Rockstar’s Agent Trademark Apparently Abandoned by Take-Two Interactive

Apparently, Agent is no more.

red dead redemption 2 interactive map

Fan-Made Red Dead Redemption 2 Interactive Map Makes It Easier to Find Collectibles

Hunting down those dinosaur bones will be much easier.

red dead redemption 2 world

Red Dead Redemption 2 Time-Lapse Shows the Open World Evolving

Watch as homesteads and railroads are built over the course of several days.