Free Realms not so Free

March 13, 2009Written by Adam Wolfe


Free Realms is an MMO that takes a more family-oriented approach. Up until now, it was thought that everything was going to be free. Well news broke today on their site that it will mostly be free, but as most semi-free MMOs work, if you pay more you get more out of the game. For $4.99 a month you will unlock the following:

  • 5 extra jobs
  • Ranking on Free Realms‘ leaderboards
  • Up to three character slots
  • 400 extra items and quests

Now no one knows exactly how much is included in the game itself, so this may not really matter. The game launches next month on PC and Q3 09 on the PS3. It also is not known if this is just a fee for the PC , or both platforms. Keep checking back for info on any new details that emerge.