Introducing Eden Encore’s Super Move

March 24, 2009Written by Paulmichael Contreras


What’s that? You want more information regarding Q-Games’ upcoming PixelJunk Eden Encore? Well Stephen Totilo from MTV’s Multiplayer blog got a sample of this expansion. A new move has been introduced, which will apparently be “retroactively applied to [the original] Eden.” In this move, “activating three seeds in one move [jump] causes all of the pollen-filled floating entities on the screen to detonate at once, releasing a massive amount of pollen.” As Mr. Totilo put it:

The first level of “Encore” that I played was set up for the big new move. It presented three seeds in a vertical stack. I set them all up for activation, then triggered them in one go. The screen filled with pollen.

It sounds like Eden Encore is going to be about bigger events with more onscreen action! Seeing as how the original sold very well, this should also do very nicely and it’s safe to say Q-Games already has my money.