2.70 Not Needed For Dual PSN Login

March 25, 2009Written by Azariah Ellington II


Resistance 2’s 1.50 patch added more heat to the 2.70 fire that has been burning all week. The ability for 2 players to log into their PSN IDs and gain experience in co-op was reportedly a feature added through a firmware update. Everyone assumed that guaranteed 2.70 would be released alongside it and bring this capability to the PS3. Everyone was wrong. This feature is already possible on the PS3, likely added through the 2.60 firmware update. Here is James Stevenson’s comment on this issue:

I have no info for you on 2.70.

The two login feature is already supported.

I think that ends that speculation, as Stevenson’s comment was made just this afternoon. Hopefully more info about 2.70 will be coming soon.