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Activision Rocks PlayStation Home

March 25, 2009Written by Adam Wolfe


It appears Sony is making good on the reports of three new home spaces a month. Tomorrow, gamers and Home trolls alike will get a back stage pass to Activision’s music juggernaut Guitar Hero.  “Backstage with Guitar Hero” features a center stage located in a large “rock” hall.

Within this space you will be able to watch trailers for upcoming Guitar Hero games as well as watch behind the scenes footage. There will also be a VIP section blocked off with velvet rope.  As of right now it will be empty, but Activision is taking votes as to what should be in there.

Besides just hanging around and doing the rock dance, you will have the chance to compete in Rock God which will have you matching a series of notes in order to rank highest on the leaderboard. Check out the trailer below.

Backstage with Guitar Hero launches Thursday, March 26th.