Man Kills Wife Over Grand Theft Auto IV

March 31, 2009Written by DeAno Jackson

The Telegraph reports that a 62 year old man in Long Sutton, Lincolnshire attacked his wife after she became hooked on GTA IV for the PS3. He used two knives, and dealt over 20 different stab wounds to her chest. Even worse, the murder was heard by their son, who immediately called 999 (emergency call service similar to 911 in the US).  The father took the phone from him and told the emergency operator, “I’m sorry. I think I’ve killed her.”

Sentencing will be held on Wednesday.

So, how long will it be before this horrible tragedy causes someone to get on their soapbox and use it in their continual “videogames are evil” message?  I hope that as this moves forward, people remember that there is a little 10-year-old boy involved who is going to need some major psychiatric support.