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PS2 Trumps 360 in Japan

April 3, 2009Written by Draisey


In a surprising turn of events, the PS2 has actually mananged to outsell the Xbox 360 in Japan, despite only 5,246 PS2 units being sold last week. With the new price drop that went into effect, PS2 sales should see a healthy boost from here on out. Xbox 360 sales have been in a steady decline within the region, so the situation may become normal for the next few months. PS3 also seems to be doing quite well.

Here is the full list of Last Week’s sales, according to Media Create:

  • DSi/ 57,401
  • PSP/ 54,148
  • PS3/ 22,825
  • Wii/ 17,276
  • DSL/ 8,408
  • PS2/ 5,246
  • 360/ 4,849