Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Announced for PS2, PSP


Last week, Nintendo Power unveiled the new Silent Hill. Called Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, the game was thought to be a Wii exclusive. Today, the game was announced for two Sony systems: PS2 and PSP. All three versions were confirmed to be coming this August.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, is a remake of the original Silent Hill. Unfortunately for old time players though, old characters won’t be found in the same spots as the original, and new clues will be there to show this really isn’t just a graphically updated rehash of the first installment.

Also in the game is a new feature dubbed the “psyche profile”, which monitors the characters actions. Depending on what you do during the course of the game, some of the game’s visual elements will be altered,  as will the protagonist’s actions as he encounters different characters and creatures.

More info will be posted on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories as it hits.