Trophy Guide – Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 2


Pervert (Bronze): Inspect a pair of withered binoceros testicles with genuine enthusiasm.

– After defeating the first boss, you will see a pair of balls mounted on the wall behind his desk. Inspect them 5 times for this trophy.

Millionaire (Bronze): Collect one million dollars in cash.

– In Riverbrook Estates you will find a man that drops his ATM card.  Use his card at the ATM with the pin 361.

Moving On Up (Silver): Find the key to the Riverbrook Apartments.

– The key will be on the desk of the first boss.

Arsonist (Bronze): Burn down the Riverbrook Apartments.

– Once you defeat the second boss, a scene will play out where the apartments burn down.

Endgame (Silver): Find a ticket to the World’s Fair.

– When you defeat the third boss, you will get tickets to the fair.

Can’t Nobody Hold You Down (Silver): Complete Episode Two.

– Defeat the final boss.  You must stay alive until the final cutscene plays.  After the cutscene, use the X button ability to slow it down. Then, use Triangle button. Finish it off with the Square button attack. Be quick or the boss will heal itself.

Steel Cannibal (Silver): Fully upgrade all party member’s weapons.

– Kill most of the robots in the game to get their parts. In the Sanitarium, there are a pair of manacles for Gabe’s last upgrade.  Anne Clair will upgrade your weapons for you. When Anne Clair leaves, you can upgrade your weapons at the Ameliorator at the fair.

Lab Assistant (Bronze): Complete all Bonus Missions.

– Dr. Stripe is located in the ‘Symposium on the Future of Man’ and wants his wedding ring back. Complete the mission and half of your work for this trophy is complete.  Later in the game, the scientists move into the big room. Dr. Wimple wants you to have the other scientists sign a petition. The petition needs to be signed in a precise order. The order you need to do this in is Dr. Uno, Dr. Stripe, Dr. Twee, Dr. Drei, Dr. Quatromain, and then lastly Dr. Blood.  Return the petition to Dr. Wimple and you’ll have a shiny new trophy.

Reluctant Hero (Bronze): At the beginning of the episode, refuse to join Gabe and Tycho 5 times.

– Simply put, just refuse to join them in the beginning of the game 5 times.  Once the trophy unlocks you can join them.

The Strength To Rule (Bronze): Achieve level 30 with all party members.

– You should get this before the end of the game if you kill almost everything in your path.

POWER SURRRGE! (Gold): Max out one party member’s hit counter.

– For this trophy, you better be good at blocking…if not, you better learn.  The counter maxes out at 40, which means you have to block 40 times in a row with a single character.  This can be quite difficult but, thankfully, when you save your game your counter saves as well.  A partial block will reset your counter.  Gabe is the fastest, so I would suggest using him.

Pack Rat Strikes Back (Bronze): Only use items to win a fight. No attacks or counter attacks allowed.

– When you get a White Christmas, use it on some robots for a quick win and an easy trophy.