Final Fantasy VII Cloud Black PS3 Now Available


The limited edition “Cloud Black” Final Fantasy VII PS3 is now available at  So for all of you collectors out there, this is a must own.  Included in this super sexy, ultra rare bundle, is a 160GB PS3, FFVII Advent Children Complete Blu-Ray, and a demo of Final Fantasy XIII.

The one con…  It costs $649.00.   Just $49 more than a launch 60GB PS3.  Not too shabby if you consider the rarity of the item, and the value included.

For anyone who still hasn’t got their copy of the FFXIII demo, that comes with FFVII Advent Children Complete Blu-Ray, you should really do so quickly as this is a first print offer only.  With such popularity these items will not be available for long.

FFVII Advent Children Cloud Black PS3

FFVII Advent Children Complete Blu-Ray w/ FFXIII Demo