Sony Pre-E3 Show: New PixelJunk Playable

April 21, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Everyone knows by now that this week Sony is holding a pre-E3 media event to show off their newest games, some of which are unannounced and unseen by the public.

One such game that has never been viewed by the public, is the next PixelJunk game.  Today, Kotaku let it slip that the next Pixeljunk game was available in playable form at this pre-E3 event.  This pretty much guarantees that the game will also be available in playable form at E3 as well.  Still no word that the title of the game is, or what it is about.  I guess we will just have to wait until we get our hands on it at E3.

If the PixelJunk website is anything to go by, the next PixelJunk game has something to do with digging.


Thanks to a source at SCEE, I got my own showing of some unannounced, unseen by the public games, one of which is bound to steal the show at E3, even with the stellar line-up of games being shown at E3.  More details on that next week.   I still need to work out what I can, and can’t talk about.