Unexpected Delay Puts Prototype Back in Action

April 23, 2009Written by Draisey


What was supposed to be one of the biggest free-roaming action titles of 2008 became unexpectedly delayed at the last minute. Radical’s anti-hero game, Prototype, had garnered negative reactions from gamers and the press alike when near-finalized gameplay was shown. Because of this, as well as the merger between Activision and Blizzard, the game was ultimately pushed back into 2009.Now, just months before its new release date, the team over at Radical is ready to prove that they put their extra development  time to good use. The game is fully polished, and the team’s goals were pulled back into something more focused and manageable. This is what executive producer Tim Bennison had to say:

“The extra dev time from last year really was a chance for us to polish, tweak and refine the missions and gameplay mechanics. The original vision for the game was huge, perhaps a little too huge, so the extra time in development has let us realize that vision.

We’re really excited to launch Prototype in June – it’s certainly been a big project for the entire company here at Radical.”

Stay posted for more info on this game, as well as how it compares to upcoming rival inFamous.