Can’t Afford that PS3? Try This Out.

April 28, 2009Written by Draisey


Sure, there’s plenty of rumors stating the PS3 will land a price drop at this convention, or the next convention, or some convention in the future. But seriously, waiting like that isn’t healthy, especially with the slew of PS3 classics being released month after month. True, $400~500 is a lot to swallow, but there’s a solution to this problem.

Gamestop is holding a special deal where if you trade in a PS2, along with three games, they’ll give you $100 off the purchase of a brand new PS3. Considering the current retail price of the PS2, this is probably the easiest trade-in you’ll ever make. If your PS3 funds are just $50~100 below what you need, go to Gamestop and check out this option. You won’t regret it.