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1Up & Kotaku Confirm Next PSP Story, 1 Week Later

April 29, 2009Written by Richard Allen


Two Face!

Imitation is the sincerest form of frustration flattery. Kotaku and 1Up seemed to have recently received the memo we sent out last week about the next PSP, tentatively named “PSP Go”. The funny thing is, neither site bothered to cite sources for their information, though Kotaku claims they were tipped off by “PJ and Mr. Wednesday”. Evidently Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard had the day off.

Does This Look Familiar???

While we here at PlayStation LifeStyle do not own the news, we cannot help but feel that some of this information has been inspired by us. Perhaps even via the conduit of the mysterious PJ and Mr. Wednesday. But at least Kotaku admitted to some assistance; 1UP’s article on the other hand seems to have materialized out of thin air. They even went as far as to provide a piss-poor rendition of our mockup.

PSLS Artist Rendition of New PSP (Concept)

This has Sex Appeal.

For an encore, it seems that N4G has a new policy of allowing week old news, so long as you have the Alexa balls to back it up.  But at least you, the astute readers of the internet, know what’s going on. That’s what matters. Remember, when it comes to breaking PlayStation news, you can read it here today… or next week at 1Up and Kotaku.

See ya at E3 guys.  🙂