NBA 2K18 MyGM Mode Takes Players to the Next Chapter

Are you ready to trust the process?

NBA 2K18 will feature a wide range of returning features, such as the popular MyGM and MyLEAGUE modes. Both modes were fully detailed today over at the game’s official Facebook page. The MyGM mode promises to be the next chapter in player’s stories, while MyLEAGUE is getting a bunch of offline & online improvements. These include the ability to relocate and customize teams online, and add in created players.

Here’s how the game explains its revamped MyGM mode:

With NBA 2K18, we are introducing an experience you won’t find in any other game; a narrative-driven story-based franchise experience that maintains all of the user control and team building aspects that you have grown to love from MyGM over the years.

While MyCAREER focuses on your life as an NBA player out to achieve superstardom, MyGM: The Next Chapter aims to view the NBA world from the complete opposite perspective. Centered around you, the GM, you will need to navigate backroom scenarios while dealing with expectations from your owner, your staff, the press, other GMs, and of course, your players.

How your MyGM experience turns out is completely up to you. Your path will be determined by the choices you make and the answers you provide at the many key points in the narrative. Understand, I’m intentionally being a little vague regarding the main plot of the story, as I want you to experience it firsthand rather than through thinly veiled spoilers. Just know that the intent is for an engaging experience that steers clear of the typical sports clichés you may be conjuring up in your head.

It sounds like a major improvement from previous years, and definitely looks to be something special. A ton more can be found over at the game’s Facebook page, so check it out if you want all the details on this year’s basketball sim.

NBA 2K18 releases September 19, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

(Source: NBA 2K)