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New Multiplayer Social Setting The City is Coming to NBA 2K21’s Next-Gen Versions

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of NBA 2K21 will receive a brand-new MyPLAYER experience in the form of The City. 2K Games is billing The City as the franchise’s “biggest map ever,” since it boasts four boroughs, four rival Affiliations, a Black Mamba Court, the introduction of Mayors, and plenty more.

2K Games teased all of the above in the following trailer for the new The City social setting for its multiplayer.

As a virtual basketball community, The City is many times bigger than previous iterations of NBA 2K’s The Park, which eventually evolved into Neighborhoods. With this forthcoming setting, players will hit various blacktops that are set against backgrounds filled with skyscrapers, a city center, and plazas. The City will additionally be home to a set of “distinct boroughs,” each dominated by rival Affiliations. Those Affiliations number four in total: North Side Knights, South City Vipers, Beasts of the East, and Western Wildcats.

Mayors are a fresh addition to the virtual community, as well. One Mayor will represent each of Affiliation, boasting responsibilities that include making Affiliation videos, custom playlists, court designs, mural designs, and uniform selections.

Better still, The City will support hundreds of MyPLAYERs at once. Walking around The City with a ball in tow serves as another upgrade. And, yes, walking and dribbling while navigating the map will be possible, according to Executive Producer Erick Boenisch. The MyPLAYER experience is additionally receiving skateboard and BMX improvements.

All in all, players should have plenty to do on the map. The new Event Center, Gatorade Training Facility, Garage Hoops, Apparel Stores, and Special Courts count as just a few of the things fans can get lost in once next-gen arrives.

The next-gen version of NBA 2K21 releases when each console launches on its respective release date next week. PS5 lands in North American stores on November 12th, before hitting European shelves on November 19th. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X|S rolls out a little earlier on November 10th.

[Source: 2K Games]