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NBA, NBPA, and 2K Announce 7-Year, $1.1 Billion Partnership Extension

This seems like the right move, considering the continued success of the NBA 2K series.

pink diamond lebron james

Accidental Pink Diamond LeBron James Freebie Removed from NBA 2K19 Users, Sparking Controversy

When freebies go wrong, they go seriously wrong.

fortnite lawsuit

Alfonso Ribeiro and ‘Backpack Kid’ Both Filed Suit Against Epic Games and Take-Two Over Dance Moves

Being an IP lawyer right now is either awesome or ludicrously stressful.

NBA 2K19 PS4 Review

NBA 2K19 Review – Polishing Excalibur (PS4)

Another year of endless bragging rights!

NBA 2K19 Release Date

You Can Get the NBA 2K19 Standard Edition Early With GameStop

This applied to the 20th Anniversary Edition as well.

NBA 2K19 Microtransactions

NBA 2K19 Senior Producer Addresses Microtransaction Issues

“VC is an unfortunate reality of modern gaming.”

nba 2k myteam

2K Games Revises NBA 2K Microtransaction Options in Belgium and Netherlands

2K “disagrees” with the new loot box laws.

nba 2k19 soundtrack

The NBA 2K19 Soundtrack is Out on Spotify, Curated by Travis Scott

The ultimate Travis Scott and LeBron James crossover.

video games and funerals

NOLA Family Says Goodbye to Son with a Unique Sony Spin

We all mourn in our own way.

NBA 2k19 20th Anniversary Edition on the Way, With LeBron James Cover

Let’s play ball!

NBA 2K18 Double Rep Weekend

Ignore Your Family, The NBA 2K18 Double Rep Weekend is Happening Now

Are you gonna ball or spend time with your family?

NBA 2K18 Kyrie Irving Cover

NBA 2K18 The Prelude Out Today For Free

It’s available now!

NBA 2K18 Double Rep Weekend

The One and Only LaVar Ball is in NBA 2K18

Video games are good.

NBA 2K18 Double Rep Weekend

NBA 2K18 The Prelude Releases This Friday for Free

Players will be able to check out The Neighborhood.

NBA 2K18 update 1.09 patch notes

NBA 2K18 Wants You to Run The Neighborhood

Get ready to explore this interactive basketball community.

NBA 2K18 guest commentators

NBA 2K18 Gets Two Special Guest Commentators

Basketball fans won’t want to miss these commentators.

NBA 2K18 Kyrie Irving Cover

NBA 2K18 Will Get a Cover Featuring Kyrie Irving in a Celtics Uniform “At a Later Date”

“This isn’t an unprecedented event, a cover athlete being traded.”

NBA 2K18 Double Rep Weekend

NBA 2K18 Defense Improvements Detailed in Latest Blog

There’s also a new gameplay trailer.

NBA 2K18 The Prelude Demo Arrives on September 8, Trailer Highlights the Gameplay Updates

Demo is PS4/Xbox One only.

NBA 2K18 Soundtrack Revealed, Features 50 Tracks

You can listen to the soundtrack on Spotify.