Square Enix Seeks Aggressive Expansion


Square Enix has barely made its entrance into the Western gaming market with the purchase of Eidos. And apparently, this is just the beginning. Wada has stated that the company will consider making other purchases in the future. Square Enix has long wanted to expand further into Western markets, and their purchase of this high profile UK publisher firmly puts its plans in motion.

In an interview Wada has criticized the current state of the Japanese development community for its lack of innovation and new ideas. Hopefully the acquisition of a Western developer will help to infuse new life in Square Enix and the Japanese development industry as well.

Some Western influence wouldn’t hurt Square Enix, but didn’t we fall in love with the company for its stellar RPGs? Maybe their sales would increase if they finally went ahead and released a game for the system. I wonder if this shift in focus has anything to do with Square Enix’s new console support policy?  There is also a long line of PS3 owners that are dying for a flood of RPGs. Just saying…