mLani Mobi Controller Gets Priced, Dated & Dolled Up For E3

May 1, 2009Written by Richard Allen


What a difference a couple of months makes.  Back in February the mLani Mobi controller for PlayStation 3, wasn’t looking this sexy.  She does clean up nice.  This ambitious controller promises mouse like aim for any PS3 game.  It features a unique handheld control wand as well as a 2000 DPI low-lag laser mouse.


PlayStation LifeStyle will be receiving one of these for our review sometime before E3.  There will be a shooter decathlon stress test.  If this lives up to it’s promise you may want to steer clear of me online.

mLani listened to what gamers wanted in terms of style, grace and customization, and created a controller that is fully customizable and ideal for both console and PC gaming. Each button is configurable, and the MoBi’s digital R1 and R2 make it the most accurate targeting system available–no more squishy button presses! The 2000 DPI, 500Hz refresh rate low-lag laser mouse exceeds the standards of the PS3’s abilities and meets all high-end PC mouse needs. The included PC software allows users to adjust or reprogram any button to the exact feel they expect from a high-end controller.

The controller is slated for a June 1 retail release date and will carry a $79.99 USD price tag.