mLani Mobi FPS Controller is now FRAGnStein


Some time ago, we reported on an interesting new controller by mLani called the Mobi. Somewhere deep in the bowels of Bann Corp’s labs the mLani Mobi underwent the dramatic change to FRAGnStein.  All melodrama aside, the mLani Mobi, while a no-show at E3 is not going the way of the Phatom.

It appears mLani has partnered with Bann Corp to produce the FRAGnStein, formerly known as Mobi. This controller promises to deliver a near PC experience for control schemes.  It is designed to work with both the PS3 and PC.  The product is shipping as this is published and should be in stores soon.


“FRAGnStein is a PC/PS3 controller that is compatible with all PC and PS3 games. Use the mouse for targeting prey while moving with the left hand Grip. You get full 6 axis motion control.

Between the Mouse and Grip, the FRAGnStein contains all the normal PS3 controller buttons making it ideal for that first person PC shooter game style you’re used to.

Go Big:

For PC use it does not get any better – you can use the Mouse just as any other normal mouse but with the high res adjustable 2000 CPI. Silky smooth no lag game play. Connect your PC to your big screen TV and go with BIG PC game play.

A Killer Product:

Simply put, FRAGnStein is the most advanced controller in the world.

Programmable, digital sniper buttons and upgradeable firmware provide unprecedented levels of accuracy. FRAGnStein is also a full featured wireless PC gaming WASD controller.

The worlds most advanced ultimate console controller that maintains that PC first-person shooter experience across the PC and PS3.”

PlayStation LifeStyle will be receiving a review unit for this controller soon.



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