Pain Brings More Ooch with Sore Spots & Aliens this Month


Pain is the most successful PSN download to date.  The developers have been more then happy to keep extending the painful universe with all sorts of oddities to put your character in traction.  Sore Spots will feature two arenas to maim yourself as well as new multiplayer areas.


The first area is the gynasium of the aptly named “Morningwood High school – home of the Cougars.”  Featuring two layouts and a new game mode called Mad Scientiest which is similar to Fun With Explosives.  The other area included with the DLC is a secret government facility called “Area 69” which is painfully based off of the legenday Area 51.

In addition to the usual off-color humor you will find some cameos similar to the Buzz one (hint: Jak & ____ ).  The developers say they have a surprise for us in regard to multiplayer.