PSN Getting More ‘Pain’ful


Since developer Idol Minds released Pain back in 2007, we’ve seen a steady supply of DLC.  Be it, additional characters, game modes, or new environments, there is enough Pain to justify a visit to the emergency room.  Soon Idol Minds will be bringing the ‘pain’ once again.

At Comic-con, yet another new game mode called Shotbloks was revealed, along with an new environment titled, The Museum.  Both of which are currently shooting for a mid-August release.

Shotbloks features 5 levels, each with it’s own castle which you are tasked with destroying.  The mode also includes Clockbloks which puts a time-trial spin on Shotbloks.

The Museum, which takes place at the “Stiff-sonian” includes Idol Minds’ take on some famous paintings, among other things.  It also features a giant whale hanging from the ceiling that if you happen to land in it’s mouth, you’ll be ejected via it’s poop-chute.