Pain Dev Working on Unannounced PS3 Blu-Ray Title

Idol Minds the development team responsible for the PlayStation Network title Pain, one of the most unique titles for the platform, have let slip that they are currently working on an unannounced Blu-Ray disc-based PS3 title. Likely a PS3 exclusive.

idol-mindsAccording to Daniel Morrison (modeling/texture/lighting) artist for Idol Minds,  they are working on an “unannounced PS3 Blu-Ray title”. He reveals via his personal Linkedin profile that he is doing the modeling and texture assets for this “unannounced” game.

Nothing more is known about this title, but since it’s coming from the team behind Pain, it’s sure to be plenty of fun. Be sure to stay connected to PlayStation LifeStyle as any new developments come to light about this upcoming project from Idol Minds.