Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Trophy Guide

Do you like Far Cry 3? Do you also like over the top 80s action movies? If you answered yes to those questions then Blood Dragon is perfect for you! It has Far Cry 3 in the title but really has nothing to do with Far Cry 3 itself as you do not need the disc to play this. Unfortunately there is no Platinum trophy included, but there are 19 total trophies, 18 bronze and 1 silver.

Spoiler Alert: This is a standalone game and contains no spoilers regarding Far Cry 3. There are however just a few very minor spoilers in the guide that pertain to Blood Dragon.

Welcome to the party, plal – Bronze

– Finished Helicopter Entry

This is story related and cannot be missed

One Small Step – Bronze

– Finished First Garrison

This is story related and cannot be missed

Way to Go, Garri-Son – Bronze

– Finish all the Garrisons

The Garrisons in Blood Dragon are identical to the Outposts in Far Cry 3. There are 13 Garrisons to capture. If you are familiar on how to clear and capture Outposts, then you already know what to do in order to unlock this trophy. If not, here is a quick rundown on what to do and how to do it:

The main objective is to kill all of the soldiers patrolling the Garrison. It is recommended that you try to be as stealthy as possible because if you are spotted the soldiers will call for back up. You can disable the alarms in the Garrisons so that the enemies cannot call for back up. If the reinforcements arrive you will be in for a much tougher fight (although they can be fun). Before doing anything, tag as many enemies as you can see as it will make clearing them out easier as you will be able to see where they are all located. Crouching, using the bow, stealth melee kills, and throwing the dice to lure enemies are all effective ways to successfully kill the enemies stealthily.

Kill Them All – Bronze

– Finish all the Predator’s Path Quests

Predator Path Quests become available at Garrisons after you take control of them. Not every Garrison has this type of quest however. These missions have you hunting down rare animals with designated weapons. Accept and complete all of these missions to earn this trophy!

End Game – Silver

– Finished Final Showdown

This is story related and cannot be missed

Nice Like Jesus – Bronze

– Finish all the Hostage Situations

Hostage Situations become available at Garrisons after you take control of them. Not every Garrison has this type of quest however. In these missions you have to go to a designated area and free a hostage from a group of Omega soldiers. In order to free the hostages you have to kill all of the soldiers. These missions pretty much require stealth because if you are spotted the soldiers will kill the hostage.

The bow will be the best weapon to use for these missions. Make sure to throw dice to lure enemies away (exactly the same as using rocks in Far Cry 3). Take out the normal soldiers and snipers first and save the heavies for last. When there is only a heavy left you can attack them with the other weapons but don’t let them get away from you and kill the hostage.

Murder Nature – Bronze

– Kill all the Animal Types

There are 12 different animal types in total. You will actually kill most of these animals by completing the Predator Path Quests. Each animal location shows up on the map except for the snake. Snakes will attack you as you are walking through the jungle areas. After you get a snake off of your arm quickly kill it. The full list of all the animals are:

  • Black/White Tiger
  • Blood Dragon
  • Boar
  • Cyber Panther
  • Cyber Shark
  • Devil Goat
  • Mutant Buffalo
  • Mutated Cassowary
  • Mutated Turtle
  • Neon Snake
  • Robo Crocodile
  • Robo Dog

 To check what animals you have killed press Start and then select Data Console, go to Collectibles and then Animals.

Set Them Free – Bronze

– Destroy 5 Braincages

Braincages are basically mind control devices for the dragons. If a dragon has one on it will not chase after a thrown Cyber Heart or attack enemy soldiers. These are very easy to destroy just aim for the silver thing on the dragon’s head. It does not take much damage to destroy, you will play story and side missions that include braincaged dragons. You also do not need to kill the dragon for it to count.

Just the Tip – Bronze

– Kill a Dragon with the Bow

This trophy can be a little tricky but its not impossible. Damage a dragon with all of your other more powerful weapons until it has just a sliver of health left. Once you’ve done that, equip the bow and aim for the glowing pink area on the dragon’s chest and shoot it. You’ll know you got it when the dragon explodes.

Blood Dragon Down – Bronze

– Kill Your First Dragon

This trophy is basically unmissable as there are story missions that require you to kill a dragon. See the trophy Dragon Slayer for more details on killing dragons.

Dragon Slayer – Bronze

– Kill 25 Dragons

While playing through the side and story missions you will kill quite a few dragons. You can find the rest by free roaming around the island. Here are a few tips on killing the dragons:

  • Stay crouched, they are unable to detect you while you are moving around in the crouched position.
  • Have plenty of Cyber Hearts with you. The dragons will run after the Cyber Hearts that you throw.
  • Aim for the glowing pink area on the dragons chest.
  • C4, mines, and grenades inflict a lot of damage to them.
  • The Kill Star is very effective for killing Blood Dagons. It is aquired during the last mission of the story.

What are You Reading For? – Bronze

– Find all of Dr. Carlyle’s Notes

There are 10 Notes for you to collect. There are 4 maps that reveal the locations of all the Notes on your map. The maps can be bought from vendors at Garrisons that have been liberated for $500 each. The maps are:

  • NW
  • NE
  • SE
  • SW

The Greatest Format of all Time – Bronze

– Find all VHS Tapes

There are 12 VHS Tapes to collect. There are 4 maps that reveal the locations of all the VHS Tapes on your map. The maps can be bought from vendors at Garrisons that have been liberated for $500 each. The maps are:

  • NW
  • NE
  • SE
  • SW

Hail to the King – Bronze

– Reach Maximum Level and Become the Ultimate Badass

The maximum level is 30. When collecting all of these trophies you will gain XP for doing everything required to unlock them, so getting to level 30 should be fairly easy. If you are not at 30 by the time you have completed everything the best thing to do is kill blood dragons. That will net you plenty of XP and you will reach level 30 in no time!

Running man – Bronze

– After saving Darling, enter Combat Mode with a Dragon and Return to Stealth

After liberating the first Garrison via the main story you will immediately have the chance to obtain this trophy. When a Blood Dragon is calm it is green, when it is alerted and looking around it is yellow, when it has spotted you or an enemy it is red.

To earn this trophy attack a Blood Dragon to alert it, then throw a Cyber Heart so that the dragon will go after it. Once it goes after the heart find some cover and hide until it calms back down and returns to its normal state. Don’t forget to stay crouched the entire time or it will spot you.

Tooled Up – Bronze

– Own all Weapons Attachments

There are a total of 25 attachments to be purchased. Attachments are made available for purchase by completing story missions, Predator Path missions, Hostage Situations, killing all 12 animals, and finding all of the collectibles (VHS tapes, TV Sets, and Notes). All of the attachments are listed below by weapon including how to unlock and make them available for purchase.


  • Suppressor $400 – Complete the Hostage Situations “Save a Nerd”
  • Laser Sight $1,200 – Complete the Predator Path “Birds With Attitude”
  • Larger Magazine $1,500 – Complete the Hostage Situation “Insane in the Braincage”
  • Max Mags $2,000 – Collect 12 VHS Tapes


  • Extended Mag $1,000 – Complete the Hostage Situation “Life’s a Beach”
  • High Powered Scope $1,000 – Complete the Predator Path “Turtle Killer”
  • Fog Scope $1,250 – Complete the Predator Path “He’s Not Heavy, He’s Big Boned”
  • Aim Stabilizer $1,500 – Complete the Hostage Situation “Baiting the Hostage”
  • Big Ol’ Box of Ammo $2,200 – Collect 3 VHS Tapes
  • Semi Auto Upgrade $2,750 – Complete the Predator Path “Insurance Scammer”
  • Explosive Rounds $3,250 – Kill 6 different types of animals

Galleria 1991

  • Extended Mag $750 – Collect 3 Dr. Carlyle Notes
  • Double Barrel $1,000 – Collect 9 TV Sets
  • Semi Auto Upgrade $1,500 – Complete the Hostage Situation “Desperately Saving Susan”
  • Real Huge Mag $1,750 – Collect 10 Dr. Carlyle Notes
  • Bandolier $2,000 – Complete the Hostage Situation “Save a Nerd Part Deux”
  • Quadruple Barrel $2,500 – Collect 18 TV Sets
  • Fire Rounds $3,750 – Kill all 12 different types of animals


  • Light Barrel $750 – Complete the Predator Path “Tiger Fist”
  • Grip $1,000 – Complete the Predator Path “Unique Horn Dragon”
  • Extended Mag $1,100 – Complete the Hostage Situation “Everyone’s on a Boat”
  • Full Auto $2,000 – Complete the Hostage Situation “Ruining Everything”
  • Even Larger Mag $1,500 – Complete the Predator Path “Hunt the Sniper”
  • Mag Pouch $2,000 – Complete the Predator Path “Mind the Teeth”
  • Laser Rounds $3,500 – Kill 9 different animal types

Derp – Bronze

– Jump Down from 50 Meters

This trophy will unlock through progression of the story. There is a point in mission 4 that will require you to jump down a shaft to an area located below to continue the mission and it will unlock here.

The Drug of the Nation – Bronze

– Find all TV SETS to Decrypt the Hidden Message

There are 32 TV Sets for you to collect. There are 4 maps that reveal the locations of all the TV Sets on your map. The maps can be bought from vendors at Garrisons that have been liberated for $500 each. The maps are:

  • NW
  • NE
  • SE
  • SW

The Only True Stopper – Bronze

– Headshot Every Type of Enemy

Pretty straight forward and simple. Just aim for the head of all the different types of enemies. The enemies can be identified by scanning them and what weapon they are using.  The enemy types are listed below.

  • Assault – Fazertron
  • Elite Assault – Fazertron
  • Elite Assault – Galleria 1991
  • Sniper – Kobracon
  • Beserker – Throwing Molotovs
  • Heavy Soldiers – Terror 4000 Minigun
  • Heavy Soldiers – Flamethrower
  • Undead Scientist – Melee with a Knife
  • Undead Scientist – Galleria 1991
  • Undead Scientist – Throwing Molotovs

 The Undead Scientists will appear toward the end of the main story.

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