Namco Fires, then Rehires Splatterhouse Developer

May 3, 2009Written by Draisey


You may have heard recently that the Bottlerocket, developer of the action horror game Splatterhouse, was fired by Namco Bandai for “performance” issues. Well, it looks like Namco Bandai’s problem wasn’t with the people making Splatterhouse.

Namco Bandai has made due with their internal team taking over the game’s development, but this was apparently just a temporary situation. According to several people involved, Namco Bandai has clandestinely opened a new office in San Diego to finish production on this very game. But here’s the real kicker. They’ve hired roughly 10~20 designers, programmers, artists, and other staff from the original team at Bottlerocket.

Some speculate that management was the issue, though it’s more likely that finishing and releasing Splatterhouse is more financially viable than simply abandoning the project altogether.