MAG Explodes Onto The Scene With More Details

May 4, 2009Written by Michael Gruver


As E3 creeps closer and closer, not very many new details of any games are revealed. It’s just how things are, since everyone wants to steal the show at E3. However, this rule doesn’t seem to apply to Zipper Interactive’s MAG. Some game sites out there have been fortunate to see MAG first hand, and included below are some select quotes about what to expect from this massive action game.

PSBeyond writes,

“The Game will also feature character development, which will include some role playing element’s. The main aim for this character development is to allow new players to start playing without getting ‘owned’ and will be based on Customisation, Personalization and Specialization.”

Gamespot writes,

“To keep those battlefields from getting too chaotic, Zipper has organized each team in such a way that there are multiple layers of leadership to help guide you along. Each match has a pair of 128-man armies, which are divided into 32-man platoons and 8-man squads. You’ve got a leader at every one of those levels who’s capable of dishing out to his subordinates orders that can expand on or differ from the overall team goal. These are called FRAGOs (fragmentary orders)”

GameDaily writes,

“In addition to Domination Mode, MAG also comes with Acquisition, Sabotage and Suppression. The 128-person Acquisition Mode challenges one team to steal two armored transports and then return them to an extraction point. Sabotage, on the other hand, tasks your team with taking control of two points on a map. Once you complete that mission, you must then blow up a specific target to win. Finally, Suppression is your standard team deathmatch, but with support for a whopping 64 players.”

So it looks like MAG is a game to keep on your radar when it releases later in 2009.