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Top 5 Reasons Why SOCOM Needs to Come Back

Bring it back!

Zipper May Be Dead, But SOCOM Isn’t

The closure of Zipper Interactive this past March was shocking to sayRead the full article…

Zipper Interactive is Officially No More

Sony have announced the closure of MAG and SOCOM developer Zipper Interactive.

Unit 13 Demo Pulled From the EU PS Vita Store

The PlayStation Vita launch has gone off pretty successfully, as is evidentRead the full article…

Unit 13 to Deploy in March

The PS Vita will be released on February 22nd, along with tonsRead the full article…

SOCOM 4 Opens Fire with Double Experience

Following several memorable releases, tactical shooter fans have waited patiently for aRead the full article…

SOCOM 4 Lead Designer Heading to a New Company

SOCOM 4 released last week, though the online portion of the gameRead the full article…

SOCOM 4 and Move Team Up to Top Gamestop’s Sales Chart

It wasn’t long ago that veteran game developer Zipper Interactive released theirRead the full article…

SOCOM Dev Touts 3D As New Industry Standard

Developers are constantly looking for the next trick to make their titlesRead the full article…

PS3 Review – SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs

SOCOM 4 is locked, loaded and in our hands. Will it become our weapon of choice when playing on our PS3 online?

Going Solo With SOCOM 4

A full solo campaign is in the works for SOCOM 4, and a new video shows us what to expect.

Buy Killzone 3, Get SOCOM 4 Beta. Buy SOCOM 4, get Resistance 3 Beta

Betas betas galore! With the PS3’s focus on big multiplayer games, it’s easy to see that developers need information on how their games run in the wild. Fortunately, that means good news for us.

SOCOM 4 Dances With the Dead

It seems Zipper Interactive has virtually tea bagged one too many people and decided to up the ante with dance moves in SOCOM 4.

SOCOM 4 Beta In Full Swing, First Week of Operations Detailed

SOCOM 4‘s beta program was initially detailed just before GDC. True toRead the full article…

GDC Preview: SOCOM 4

With many of us reeling from the after effects and trauma of Socom: Confrontation, in steps Zipper Interactive to save the day with Socom 4.

SOCOM 4 Trophies Move to the Front Line

SOCOM 4 is nearing its April 19th release date and that meansRead the full article…

Zipper Interactive Reveals Operational Intel for SOCOM 4 Beta

Zipper Interactive made it clear earlier this year that SOCOM 4: U.S.Read the full article…

SOCOM 4 Beta Coming This Month, Rolling Out in Four Stages

2011 is certainly the year of the beta, with GDC bringing newsRead the full article…

Squad Up and Enjoy the Latest Co-Op Media for SOCOM 4

Sony has released a batch of new screenshots and a new trailer to showcase Co-op that gamers can enjoy when Socom 4 releases.

Get Move-ing with the SOCOM 4 Full Deployment Edition

With games like Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4 specifically being built with the PlayStation Move in mind, there may be some hardcore gamers out there who want to try out motion gaming. Fret not gamers, your prayers have been answered.