SOCOM 4 Opens Fire with Double Experience

Following several memorable releases, tactical shooter fans have waited patiently for a proper SOCOM title. SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs debuted just about a month ago, and didn’t successfully fill that gap. It didn’t help that the PlayStation Network was down when it released, effectively making the first couple of weeks uneventful. Now that the PSN is back up, Zipper Interactive, the game’s developer, is doing what they can to make up for lost time.

Zipper Interactive’s community specialist, Chris Roper, has announced that any and all competitive online games for SOCOM 4 currently reward double experience points. This will only last for a short period of time, and no end date has been given, so be sure to hop on and take advantage of the opportunity sooner rather than later.

SOCOM 4‘s lead designer recently left the company which may signal a change in direction for any titles released in the future. If you’ve been playing the latest SOCOM, what do you think? Do you feel anything needs to be changed to bring the series back to its former glory? Post your comments in the section below.