Buy Killzone 3, Get SOCOM 4 Beta. Buy SOCOM 4, get Resistance 3 Beta

Betas betas galore! With the PS3’s focus on big multiplayer games, it’s easy to see that developers need information on how their games run in the wild. Fortunately, that means good news for us.

As the days begin to end on the SOCOM 4 public beta, players will undoubtedly be looking for the next big game to play before the initial release date. Luckily, the folks over at the PlayStation Blog already have that figured out. If you buy one of the first runs of SOCOM 4 with the specially marked box, you will be getting guaranteed access to the Resistance 3 public beta, coming some time later this year. Pretty much the EXACT same marketing ploy they launched with Killzone 3. In addition to that, every sale of the SOCOM 4: Full Deployment Edition will include this voucher code, so you won’t need to worry about that. What does this new box look like? Glad you asked.

Right above the ESRB logo you can see the Resistance 3 title. That will guarantee you a place. And while this isn’t limited to just pre-orders, it looks to be a limited run of the game, so be sure to get it early if you want to play some blast up some Chimera after playing as some Seals.