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Report: Sony Turned Down Resistance 4 Because It Was Thematically Similar to The Last Of Us

A report has surfaced that Insomniac Games pitched Resistance 4 to Sony Interactive Entertainment during the PlayStation 3 era, but it was turned down due of an influx of post-apocalyptic games in development at the time, including The Last of Us.

This report comes from Colin Moriarty (via True Trophies), who revealed in episode 153 of his Sacred Symbols podcast that Sony felt that Resistance 4‘s pitch thematically bore a lot of resemblance to The Last of Us.

At around 02:03:37 mark in the video below, Moriarty said while discussing recurring post-apocalyptic settings in Sony-published games:

I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone this publicly. As I understand it, they [Sony] were cognizant of this years ago that this was going to become a problem for them – the post-apocalyptic thing – because Resistance 4 was pitched to them and they declined it because it sounded like The Last of Us, and they didn’t want the two games to be overlapping each other. So Resistance was shut down at that point. 

So they’ve been long cognizant of having this collection of post-apocalyptic games. Resistance is a post-apocalyptic game. Killzone is technically a post-apocalyptic game, too. So they do have to get away from it. I can tell you guys with great certainty that Resistance 4 was a game that was pitched at one time and it was declined primarily because it was similar to The Last of Us, at least thematically, and you can see that.

Insomniac previously said that it has “no plans” for another Resistance game.