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Insomniac Says It Has ‘No Plans’ for Another Resistance Game

Seems it’ll be a long while before we see another Resistance game.

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Five Live-Action Video Game Short Films We’d Pay to See

What other PlayStation titles deserve the Uncharted treatment?

Insomniac Games VR game coming

Creators of Resistance Teasing New VR Game, Full Reveal Next Week

I just want a new Resistance game.

7 Comebacks We’d Love to See at E3 2017

Cue the montage music.

PlayStation Exclusives Comeback

Now Loading… Which PlayStation Exclusives Would You Like to See Make a Comeback?

Sony has had so many PlayStation exclusive series over the years. Maybe some need to come back?

This Day in PlayStation History – Resistance

“We feared the Russians had developed a weapon of unparalleled power – the truth was much worse.”

7 PlayStation Franchises That Could Use the Ratchet & Clank Treatment

Retooled, rebooted, and a little less than your RRP.

Insomniac Games Retrospective

Spyro, Ratchet, and so much more!

Insomniac: “We Came Pretty Far” With a Resistance Movie

Unfortunately, “producers get other projects, actors get other projects, priorities change.”

Insomniac: Ratchet & Clank PS4 is 1080p/30fps, “No Plans” for Anything Resistance

They wanted to match or exceed the fidelity of CG movies.

PlayStation-Themed Movies We Want to See on the Big Screen

What Sony Icons wold work in film?

15 PSP Remakes We Want to See on the PS4 and Vita

PSP Games we want to see remastered on the PS4 and/or Vita!

Resistance: Retribution Online Support Ends on May 15, 2015

Time to play it non-stop for three months!

Resistance Trademark Filed by Sony in Europe, Stirs Rumors

What could it mean?

Ted Price Asks Daily Reaction: What is the Biggest Problem in the Games Industry?

Ted’s in the driver’s seat this time.

Ask PSLS: Which Popular PS3 Franchise Do You NOT Want to see on the PlayStation 4?

It’s okay, Sackboy, you’re safe…for now.

Daily Reaction: Sony’s Hunt For The Halo Killer

Make love not Halo Wars.

Insomniac Discusses Resistance Series, Theorizes Why it Didn’t Become Sony’s Halo

It’s all Resistance 2’s fault.

Fall of Resistance

Insomniac has sworn off Resistance development. What went wrong?

Resistance Series Still Has More Stories to Tell

After three long years of extended development, the latest installment of InsomniacRead the full article…