PlayStation Exclusives Comeback

Now Loading… Which PlayStation Exclusives Would You Like to See Make a Comeback?

With the Nintendo Switch release date info announced last week, most of us here agreed that it’s nostalgia for Nintendo’s first-party franchises that will get the system selling. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey will start the system’s launch year, and we’re certain we’ll see other first-party game announcements in the near future.

PlayStation has their own system exclusive gems, but not all have followed the brand through its iterations. We’re definitely pleased with what we have, but there are some older games from older generations that could use some comeback love (one of which we’ve mentioned yesterday in our Top 5 Tuesday video).

I poised the question to my fellow PlayStation compatriots, asking what PlayStation exclusives they would like to see make a comeback.

As you can see, big fans of Resistance over here. Which PlayStation exclusives would you like to see make a comeback?

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