2017 Vita Games Preview – 20 Worth Anticipating

While we recently mentioned that Sony didn’t put out a single PlayStation Vita game in 2016, that doesn’t mean that the future is bleak for the system (although, it’s not exactly shining bright either). In fact, 2017 is looking to be a pretty solid year for Sony’s beloved handheld as there are some great titles that are making their way to North America in the next 12 months (the most exciting of which we recently highlighted in video form). To help Vita owners keep track of the releases (there are more than five worthwhile releases after all), we’ve made a list of 20 2017 Vita games to keep an eye on.

Before we get into the list, just know that only games that are confirmed to be coming to North America were eligible. Many high profile games that are getting a Vita version (such as Dragon Quest Heroes II and Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon) are getting a portable version in Japan, but that version of the game is not coming stateside. So, if a major title is left off the list that is also coming to PlayStation 4, that lack of confirmation is probably why it didn’t make the cut. Plus, there are a bunch of great Vita-only games that deserve the spotlight.

Check out the list of 20 2017 Vita games to look out for below:

It’s pretty amazing that the PlayStation Vita has such a great line-up planned for 2017 without any first-party titles set to come to the system. The portable may have to rely on third-party support, but companies like NIS America, Atlus and Marvelous are looking to make 2017 a memorable year for the handheld. Throw in some exciting indie titles, and it looks like portable gamers will be able to stay busy this year!

Let us know in the comments what 2017 Vita games you are looking forward to, and if you have any of the titles already pre-ordered!

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