Unit 13 to Deploy in March

The PS Vita will be released on February 22nd, along with tons of games. Many of the the launch games will take full advantage of the system’s tech, and one coming just shortly after those is Unit 13 from Zipper Interactive.

Unit 13 has until recently been slated to release around “launch window” of the Vita’s release. Today, Sony confirms that the third-person shooter will come out on March 6, 2012 which is less than two weeks after Vita’s launch date. Even though it misses the system’s launch date, gamers will no doubt still be excited about the game since it comes from the mastermind behind the great Socom series.

For more information about the game, move your mouse to this article that details the action adventure game written by Nick Michetti.

Are you enlisting to Unit 13 on day one?