Zipper May Be Dead, But SOCOM Isn’t

The closure of Zipper Interactive this past March was shocking to say the least. After a poor run sales-wise of their staple franchise SOCOM, and a lukewarm reception to both 256-player MAG and Vita-exclusive Unit 13, it spelled the end for the studio. However, that doesn’t mean that the franchise they were best known for is dead, too, according to Sony.

Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, said while speaking in a recent interview in Official PlayStation Magazine, that Sony “never” retires a franchise, and that SOCOM is “not done”.

Yoshida then used the Sly Cooper as an example of a series that went on hiatus, only to return in a big way. He continued, adding “never say never”, and expressed sympathy for long-time SOCOM fans.