SOCOM 4 Dances With the Dead

Have you ever shot an opponent and decided that wasn’t enough, and run over to their body to crouch on their face and jump up and down a whole bunch of times? You’re not alone. It seems Zipper Interactive has virtually tea bagged one too many people and decided to up the ante.

SOCOM 4 is Zipper Interactive’s next game in line to bring us tactical shooting in an environment where every move counts. The focus on teamwork means that good communication and coordination will make all the difference in the outcome of every round. The beta testing of the game is underway, with the first of four phases beginning yesterday, hopefully resulting in smooth and balanced gameplay in the final product. Despite the premise of the game, not everything needs to be so serious in military shooters, so to break up the intensity Zipper has kindly included victory dances!

If the chicken dance, robot, and karate kid crane pose weren’t enough for you, they’ve also promised that we’ll see about a dozen in the full game. To activate the victory dance you simply kill them (easy enough, right?), stand on their dead body, and tap circle. Now you can be even more of a jerk by not only tapping them in the head with a couple rounds, but rubbing it in with a ridiculous display while they bleed out. Personally, I’m hoping to be moon walking on someone’s face later this year. What other dances would you like to use for rubbing salt on the wound?